Sunday, June 29, 2014

Winter Fun

Just in time for the height of summer (northern hemisphere, of course), here is a reminder of the cold times.

 Lady feeding pigeons on Boston Common, in winter, 1923
 Making snowmen, 1939
 Maple syrup time
 Maribel Vinson, national champ, fancy skater, 1929
 Pedestrians and autos, big snow storm in Boston, 1936
 Pedestrians struggle to keep their feet during Valentine's Day snow storm, biggest in 50 years, 1940
 Public Garden, horse falls through ice, 1929
 Public Garden, snow-covered autos parked outside fence
 Remarkable ice formation on the Charles River, 1929
 Remarkable snowstorm, big blizzard as it appeared on Scollay square, ca. 1930
 Riding bicycles on ice, Public Garden
 Skating crowd, Jamaica Pond, 1922
Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

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