Sunday, June 8, 2014

Joseph Pennell

 Group Portrait of Miss Schimpf's Class, 1911
 High School band holding instruments, Junction City, Kansas, 1909
 Junior High School class, Junction City, Kansas, 1920
 Miss Monroe's School group, 1909
 Portrait of Hester Trott and four women, 1899
[based on a previous photo, Hester is second from right]
 Portrait of Juanita McKenzie wearing dance costume, 1920-21
 Portrait of two men and two women, Mcclure, Brown, Mr. Sawtell (on right), 1897
[the man second from left resembles Robert Picardo!]
 Roark Party - Large group of children and adults in front of house, 1898
 Soldiers washing near railing covered with riding gear, 1897
W. C. Dumm family in auto in front of their house, Junction City, Kansas, 1905

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