Friday, June 20, 2014

George Frederick Kaye

George Frederick Kaye was a photographer from New Zealand who photographed "Kiwi" troops in the North African and Italian theaters during World War II.

 After the enemy's retreat, an Italian civilian searches among the ruins 
of his home in the town of Atessa, Italy, 29 November 1943
 Allied infantrymen make their way over the ruins of Cassino in Italy, 
on the day that it fell to the Allied attack, 18 May 1944
 Children carrying water through the streets of Gessopalena, Italy, 16 December 1943
 D O Long packing machine gun ammunition into a gun carrier 
during the advance to Florence, Italy, 21 August 1944
 Dog by the door of a demolished house in Gessopalena, Italy, 
surrounded by rubble, 16 December 1943
 Italian musicians and singers performing in the New Zealand 
Forces Club in Florence, Italy, 8 October 1944
 Local women and girls fill their containers at the 
community pump in Bari, Italy, ca. October 1943
 New Zealand officers watching the Kiwi Concert Party, Volturno Valley, Italy, 12 May 1944
 Soldiers examining a knocked out Sherman tank, amongst the ruins 
at Cassino, Italy, 18 May 1944, the day it fell to the Allies
Soldiers of the Maori Battalion prepare to move up 
into the line in the Faenza sector, 10 December 1944

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