Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photochroms - UK

All dating to 1890-1900.

 Market place, Carlisle, England
 New Brighton Beach, Liverpool, England
 Old post office, Lee, Devon, England
 On the beach, Llandudno, Wales
 Piccadilly Circus, London, England
 Sea front, Dover, England
 South Parade, Herne Bay, England
 Southsea beach, England
 St. Augustine's Bridge, Bristol, England
 The beach, Exmouth, England
 The beach, Portobello, Scotland
 The cross, Kilmarnock, Scotland
 The fort, Weymouth, England
 The jetty, Yarmouth, England
 The market, Yarmouth, England


  1. some of the images are invisible, I don't know why.. could you re-upload them please? I'm really in love with photochroms and I'd like to see all the images!

    1. They are all there. You may need to restart your browser, or do a cache dump.