Monday, June 2, 2014

Adam MacLay

 A group of workmen sitting on planks of wood and barrels, ca. 1902-03
 Army soldiers, possibly from the No.1 Service Company 
of Wellington, with machine gun, 1905-26
 Country fairground with people looking at a chairoplane ride in action, 1905-26
 Couple on bicycles in front of trees, 1905-26
 Derry's Private Band, outdoors, with instruments, probably Christchurch district, 1900s
 Extended family group portrait on garden lawn with dog, 1905-26
 Exterior of a brick house, showing an man and woman 
with bicycles standing on front lawn, ca. 1910
 Exterior view of a house, showing family and garden, ca. 1920
 Family group including children in the countryside, 1905-26
 Family group outdoors, 1905-26
 Family group outdoors, showing couple and three children, 1905-26

Adam Maclay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

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