Wednesday, June 25, 2014

University of Kentucky

 Elementary students working in Mrs. Haines art class at U - Hi, 1955
 Group portrait of Greendale students riding in a horse-drawn wagon
 May Day, 1926. University of Kentucky students having fun with the evolution debate
 The tamest game of cards ever recorded in Kentucky - 
no chips and the people around have no scared looks, 1906
[tamest even though there are two guns in the scene?]
[image quality is not very good but it's such a great picture I had to include it]
 Waitresses at the Jerry’s Drive-In Restaurant registered a friendly protest after hearing a report that the company was ordering new chemise uniforms for all its waitresses, 1958
 Watermelon feast, probably during the summer session, 1956
 Women waiting in line to get food, 1955
Women working on the assembly line at the 
National Distillers Corporation packing department in September 1944

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