Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vintage Shanghai

 Shanghai, 1930
 1948 January 1, a billboard on a Shanghai street
 1949 May 1, at the Shanghai market bazaar, vendors selling “555" branded pots
 1949 May 1, photo of American bar owner Frank and his Chinese wife in their bar
[this guy looks like the very definition of "hard-boiled"]
 Dockers unloading a train locomotive engine; this engine car 
was provided by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
 Old Shanghai, 1930s, river embankment
 Photo is of not long after the end of the War of Resistance, 
of a dancing girl and a soldier dancing
 Russian Orthodox Church, Old Shanghai, ca. 1948
 Shanghai Bund in 1935, where public buses were 
“invaded and taken over” by all types of advertisements
 Shanghai during the War of Resistance against the Japanese
 Shanghai Jardine Silk Factory between 1910-1912, where the manager 
and his wife pose for a photograph among the rows of silk reeling machines
Three sisters awaiting the start of a tennis match, Shanghai

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