Sunday, November 17, 2013


Some random vintage photos, found here.

 A huge wild boar, Galacia. December 1916
 As an eternal memento of the Spartacist War in Munich, Bavaria 
(attempted Communist coup, 1918-19)
[is this real or posed?]
 Don't Hit Me With Your Swagger Stick. ca. 1920
 The Snake Charmers, ca. 1920
[same group as above]
 Entertaining troops in North Africa during World War II, 1943. 
From the left, Jack Benny, Anna Lee, Wini Shaw (person on right unknown)
 Greyhound station and diner
 Group playing cards
 Mom and baby, Bronx, New York, 1953
 Unknown family, 1940
[this one conveniently dates itself!]
Woman with Chrysler car, California, 1942

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