Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Edward Bangs Drew

Edward Bangs Drew joined the Chinese Maritime Customs Service in 1864 after earning his BA degree from Harvard. In 1868, Drew was appointed a Commissioner of the Service, a position he held for decades. During that time he collected photographs that document clothing, customs, and daily life in 19th century China, and of Drew's life and career, including family and social gatherings, public appearances, and events and ceremonies.

 A Chinese merchant's family, ca. 1886
 Anna Drew (second from left) with daughters Lucy and Dora 
and group of unidentified people, Canton, 1893
 Anna Drew having tea at home in Canton, ca. 1893
 Assu, amah, holding Lionel, 6 weeks old, Peking, March 9, 1890
 Cheong Loong merchants selling preserved ginger, Canton, ca. 1893
 Costumes. Chinese women, 1876-77
 Fancy dress party, Foochow [Fuzhou], ca. 1876
 Group of people outdoors posing among large rocks, somewhere near Canton, ca. 1893
 Group of Western women visiting unidentified site in China
 Group portrait of mostly German diplomats, interpreters, military officers, 
and a missionary posing with Chinese government officials in traditional dress
 Kidnapped girls, Foochow. Found hidden in a junk by customs inspector. 
These girls would have been sold for slaves. 1904
 Mrs. Wilkinson's school for the blind, Foochow city, 1905
 Roman Catholic orphanage (near or in Kiukiang); 
nun inspecting babies in the baskets, 1892

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