Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Old West

 Bankers' and Railroad Men's Party on Blue Grass Lawn at Calexico. The 
California Development Co. was in hopes that after this campout 
the men would invest in Imperial Valley schemes, ca. 1904
 Bob Leavitt's Saloon in Jordan, Montana, circa 1904
 Civil War Veterans, Fourth of July or Decoration Day, Ortonville, Minnesota. 
On review in center of town, ca. 1880
 D. Griffiths - "Pieces all saved." Man with parts of his wagon and equipment 
on muddy floor of Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Reservation, Arizona Territory. 
September 13-19, 1903
 E A. Ames - An Arizona Poker Party, at John Doyle's ranch; 
Doyle, Judge Brown, and the Prof. [Burrison] at play, ca. 1887-89
 F. Jay Haynes - Hot Springs Hotel, S. D. American flags flap in the breeze as holiday passengers arrive. The stage coaches are met by other vacationers on the hotel veranda, ca. 1899
 G. Ben Wittick - Flagstaff, Arizona Territory. Street view of post office, 
other buildings, and people, with mountains in background, ca. 1899
 Guthrie Cotton Market. Peak of trading on Harrison Avenue 
is captured by Photographer Swearingen, after 1893
 Hancock homestead. Settler from Benson, Minn. Little girl feeding chickens against background of house, buckboard wagon, and ridge of plateau, Sun River, Montana, June 23, 1910
 Hells Half-Acre, Perry, Oklahoma Territory, 1893
 Indian Day parade, Omaha, Nebraska, August 4, 1898
[cause giving them a parade after stealing their land is the least we can do]
Indian reception of President Chester A. Arthur at Fort Washakie, Wyoming Territory, 1883

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