Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hikaru Iwasaki

These are photos of Japanese-Americans, post-Internment.

 A moment of relaxation at Bill Mori's K & J Restaurant, 
88 E. Main Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1944
 Alice Yamaoka, formerly of Poston, Marci Sakai, formerly of Gila River, and Florence Abe, formerly of Tule Lake, in Alice and Florence's apartment in St. Louis, Missouri, 1945
 During a recess at Emerson School, the children are all enjoying 
a ride on the Merry-Go-Round. St. Louis, Missouri, 1944
 Group of girls thinning grapes at the C. R. Van Buskrik vineyard near Lodi, California, 1945
 I'm very proud of my husband, says Mrs. John M. Sakai, as she shows the Purple Heart 
to her guest Aiko Shintani. Her husband was wounded in Italy in July, 1944
 Ichi Kawajiri (left) and Takeo Yoshino (right) are shown with Wilfred Johnson, a Jamaican, 
filling sacks with carrots in the Vegetable Packing House on Chicago's west side, 1944
 Little Judith Yamamoto went to the grocery store with her mother but was stopped outside 
by some admiring children. The Verlin Yamamoto family, formerly of San Francisco 
and Gila River, have resettled in Des Moines, Iowa, 1945
 May Ideta, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Ideta-Minami, formerly 
of Seattle and the Minidoka Center, at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, 1945
 Mineko Hirasaki of Gilroy in the foreground and her sister Fumiko at the fish pond 
of the beautiful family residence on their 550-acre vegetable farm. Gilroy, California, 1945
 Mr. and Mrs. Ryozo Hirata and son, as well as Mr. T. Yonemura, father of 
Mrs. Hirata and S. Koyama, 2050 Harrison Street, Arlington, California, 1945
 Mr. and Mrs. Shigeharu Takahashi and son, Jerrold, age 19 months, 
are standing in front of their home in San Mateo, 1945
Mrs. Chick Uno with her daughters, Sheila and Naomi, 
in their flower garden at their home in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, 1944

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