Friday, November 22, 2013

Vintage LA

These are from the archives of the University of Southern California.

 6th Avenue School activity, parent teachers association, Los Angeles, CA, 1932
 20th annual beauty contest, 1951
 40th division wives club, 1951
 46th annual Iowa summer picnic, 1951
 160th officers wives picnic at Southgate Park, 1951
 2700 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, California, 1933
 A man gets his change from the woman working at the egg counter at the outdoor Farmers Market, while two young women with wicker shopping carts stand nearby, 1942
 Friendly bunch, 1923
[I can't decide if this caption is tongue in cheek or not]
 Helen of Troy Virginia Tongue and the members of her Court, 1949
 Homecoming Queen Charlene Hardey, 1948
 Looking north along Main Street at the many businesses 
between Fifth Street and Sixth Street, Los Angeles
 Stepping through the pansy ring was a privilege 
of graduating women who had become engaged, 1933
Trojan co-eds announce engagements in Pansy Ring ceremonies, 1935

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