Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vintage Harvard

Here are some old photos from Harvard University.

 Car pushed in snowstorm, 1958
 Catalogers working at Widener Library, ca. 1950
 Collecting scrap for the war effort, October 1942
 Comdr. Howard H. Aiken, Lt (j.g.) Grace Hopper, and Ensign Campbell 
with section of Mark I computer, 1944
[and it probably had less computing power than my phone!]
 Fogg Museum Library, ca. 1951
 Football, ca. 1901
[wow, no helmets or pads...this game was just a step removed from rugby]
 Football, scrimmage line, ca. 1905
 Harvard Summer School of Physical Training, 1897
 Harvard University "goodies" (domestic servants), ca. 1862
 Raking leaves in Harvard Yard, 1946
 Removing books from Gore Hall prior to its demolition, ca. 1912
Students crossing Harvard Yard, ca. 1950

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