Monday, October 28, 2013

Vintage Korea

First group of a great collection. Most are from Cornell University Archives.

 A merchant and his friends on a cold day, ca. 1904
 An ox market in Korea, ca. 1904
 Bullock or pony-drawn carts, loaded with firewood or grass 
for household fires, filing through the streets, ca. 1904
 Children climb on a statue outside of one of Korea's grand palaces, ca. 1904
 Fulling clothes was a women's chore done usually in the evenings, after 
the kitchen work was finished for the day. When the clothes were still 
slightly damp after washing, they were folded and fulled on a flat board. ca. 1904
 Group of Korean men, in full scholar's attire, ca. 1904
 Korean boatman
 Korean laborer and middle class in front of store, ca. 1904
 Korean men with sunglasses, ca. 1904
 Korean scholar posing on stone animal at Yi king's tomb, 1905
 Line of children (orphans?) with American and Korean flags, ca. 1904
Min Yong-hwan's state funeral procession, ca. 1904

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