Sunday, October 27, 2013

Georges Dambier

Georges Dambier was a French fashion photographer. He was one of the first such to photograph models outdoors rather than in a studio. I know this is not my usual fare, but the photos are interesting peeks at the height of 1950s chic.

 Actress Anna Karina Godard, Elle, March 1960
 Actress Anna Karina in a navy shantung dress 
topped with a hat by Cécile Billard, Elle, March 1959
 Actress Taina Elg in a mousseline dress by Givenchy, Morocco, Elle, April 1953
 Anna Karina in a wool camel-hair coat by Jean Patou, Elle, March 1959
 At the Hotel Eden Roc, Cap d’Antibes, June 1957
 Bettina and Brigitte Bardot, photo by Georges Dambier, 1954
 Figure-hugging dress by Jacques Fath, March 1954
 Françoise Dambier in sleeveless chintz dress by Perlène, Yugoslavia, Elle, August 1955
 Françoise Dambier, Italy, Elle, June 1952
 Françoise Dambier, Venice, Elle, June1952
Françoise Dambier, Yugoslavia, Elle, August 1955

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