Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 George Earle Chamberlain, Senator from Oregon, member, US Shipping Board, left. Mrs. A.F. Swensson, Miss Orella Chapman, Leila Campbell, Saide Maxwell, Philip B. Bates, 1914
 Peace. Three Mile Petition from 350,000 school children,  1914
[Just right of center in front, the balding guy is our old friend William Jennings Bryan]
 Preparedness parade. Schoolgirls, 1916
 Overturned street car, 1919
 Mrs. Thomas Sanders McMillan, who was last week elected to succeed her late husband in the National House of Representatives from the first district of South Carolina, photographed on her arrival at the Capitol today. November 1939
 Peggy Townsend, who will be crowned Cherry Blossom Queen at the festival to be held Friday, picked out a Cherry Tree to get her first glimpse of the beautiful blossoms in Potomac Park. 1939
 No caption, 1913-1917
 No caption, 1915-1917
 No caption, ca. 1940
[it really looks like she's texting someone on her iPhone, doesn't it?]
No caption or date

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