Friday, October 4, 2013

National Photo

 Start of girls race, Ice carnival on Reflecting Pool, 1925
 Strike leader at Gary, Indiana, advising strikers, 1919
 Times girl on bicycle, 1921
 Truck & fire engine wreck, 1922
 Two Afro-American men, outside of stable, with Kazoos in their mouths, one of them 
seated on hay bale and playing guitar, the other playing homemade string instrument
 Two suffragettes showing banner to young girl
 U.S. Army goat & cart
 Washington cat show opens at Wardman Park Hotel. 
Edna B. Doughty and Louise Grogan with Persian cats. 1920s
Willie Hoppe, 1927
[Hoppe was a renowned billiards player. You can see him in action here]

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  1. Picture 7. The animal is a burro, not a goat :). I LOVE your blog and enjoy looking at visual history. Thanks.