Thursday, October 10, 2013

Addison Scurlock

Addison Scurlock (1883-1964) was a respected African-American photographer with a thriving practice documenting the lives of black Americans for decades.  Among other duties, he was the official photographer at Howard University. More about him here.

 Charles Drew teaching interns and residents during rounds at Freedmen's Hospital, ca. 1947
 Children's Department, School of Music, Howard University, 1929
 Children's Hallowe'en party, YMCA, ca. 1940s
 Crystal Caverns, 1932
 Debutantes line up with escorts and sponsors at annual Bachelor-Benedict Presentation Ball, 1947
  [I confess I did not know there were black debutantes]
 Dining car cooks, 1949
 Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Smith, 1940s
 Early civil rights group picket, 1947
[because it's true..."Gone with the Wind" is a shameless apologia for slavery, 
though this is much more apparent in the book than in the movie]
 Effie Moore with a group of vaudeville dancers
 Four young women standing by a convertible, ca. 1958
Howard University soccer team pictured in 1930

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