Monday, October 21, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 Mrs. Claude Pepper, 1937-39
 Mrs. Claude Pepper, wife of the Democratic Senator from Florida, 
goes shopping on fashionable Connecticut Avenue. July 1937
 Mrs. Pepper, 1937
 One of the most beautiful of the Senate Ladies, Mrs. Claude Pepper, wife of the Senator 
from Florida, needs little artificial makeup to enhance her beauty. 1937
 Mrs. Raymond Ashdown
 Noted in the diplomatic set for his expertness in concocting new salads, Mexican Ambassador Senor Dr. Don Francisco Castillo Najera, is now teaching his daughter, Ermita, this culinary art. 1939
 Rep. E.E. Cox, Democrat of Georgia, and his daughter, Gene, whom he has appointed 
to serve as his personal page, this session in the house. Gene is 13 years old and 
will be the first girl in the history of Congress to serve as a page. 1939
 Rep. W.R. Poage of Texas working the ground in the Botanical Gardens. May 1937
 Representing the Rosebud Tribe of the Sioux Indians of South Dakota, Chief Joe Thin Elk 
and Chief Steven Brave Bird were in Washington today to describe conditions 
at Rosebud, South Dakota, before the Senate Committee. 1939
 San Diego, Calif., sent a delegation from its Chamber of Commerce 
to Washington today to plump for a national highway. 1939
 San Francisco by wagon from Staten Island, 1915

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