Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dorothea Lange

 "Pond monkey" channels log raft. Keno, Klamath County, Oregon, Sept 1939
 A hitchhiking family waiting along the highway in Macon, Georgia. The father repairs sewing machines, lawn mowers, etc. He is leaving Macon, where a license is required for such work (twenty-five dollars) and heading back for Alabama. July 1937
 Abandoned farm of the western Panhandle, 
Cimarron County, Oklahoma, June 1938
 Advertisement for current movie in town. Westley, California. 
The child is a flood refugee from southeast Missouri. April 1939
 Arkansas girl in migrant camp near Greenfield, Salinas Valley, California. This is an Arkansawyers auto camp, filled almost completely with Arkansawyers recently in California, April 1939
 Boys riding freight. West Texas, May 1937
 California pea pickers returning to camp after a day's work 
in the field. Near Santa Clara, California, April 1937
 Children of migrant Oklahoma family, now living 
near Fresno, California, picking cotton, Nov 1936
 Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Arrived in California 
June 1936. Mother and three half-grown children; no father. November 1936
Destitute family. American River camp, Sacramento, California, November 1936

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