Friday, September 19, 2014

Randolph Henry High School

Randolph Henry High School in Keyville, Virginia was photographed by Philip Bonn in June 1943.

 Social studies class. Students study in groups of six or eight, each group picking own subject.
 Cafeteria. Students don't have much money so they bring 
produce from farms for which they receive tickets.
 Eating lunch in cafeteria
 First aid group in school dispensary
 Girls in entry hall talking before school in the morning. Bulletin board on wall.
 Graduation exercises for 123 students
 Home economics cottage. Girls learn the art of homemaking, how to sew, 
plan meals, cook and serve, what food to eat, how to entertain.
 Home economics cottage. Girls learn to plan, cook 
and serve meals. They usually have a guest.
 Interior of vocational shop. Boys learn to repair farm machinery, carpentering and welding.
Playing baseball during gym period. Girl replaced 
man teacher who was drafted in the army.

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