Friday, September 5, 2014

Nurse Training

This is the third set of Fritz Henle's photos of nurses in training in 1942.

 In New York City's School of Nursing Residence, advanced students give the Schick and Dick test (for Diphtheria and Scarlet Fever, respectively) to the probationers.
 In these busy days, student nurses themselves must often instruct probationers in many things, such as methods of getting a patient from bed to wheelchair.
 Just as they take biology and chemistry, students of nursing "take babies" as the young nurses say. Here Susan Petty learns how to give a baby one of his first meals.
 Nurses as well as teachers are needed in the hospital schoolroom 
where convalescing youngsters keep up with their school work.
 Nurses learn the care of patients suffering from burns. Here, 
the nurse paints a boy's burned back with sulfathiasol.
 Nurses must not only know how to care for infants themselves, but they 
must also be able to instruct each mother in the proper care of her child.
 On the sun roof of Babies Hospital in New York a student nurse 
supervises convalescing youngsters in healthful play.
 On the sun roof of Babies Hospital, New York City, student nurse Susan Petty distributes construction toys to young convalescents and ambulatory patients.
 Post-operative care of patients is part of every nurse's responsibility. This nurse is showing a patient, recovering from a mastectomy, how to exercise her arm properly.
Student nurses may often assist doctors at operations, but a 
specially trained anaesthetist must give the anaesthetic.


  1. Excellent views of a lost world - Nurses Training during the early 40's. This was when the medical and nursing professions were both about to get an enormous "burst of energy" in regard not only to training students, but also to the conduct of patient care in general.

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