Wednesday, September 24, 2014


These photos were taken in Vermont in 1942 by Fritz Henle.

 East Montpelier, Vermont. Charles Ormsbee's son Richard, 
aged five, who tries to help on his father's farm, 1942
 East Montpelier, Vermont. Marilyn, daughter of Charles Ormsbee,
is president of her 4-H club, the Montpelier Center Girls, where
she learns how to sew and cook economically and well, 1942
 East Montpelier, Vermont. Mrs. Myrtle Ormsbee and Marilyn, mother and daughter of farmer Charles Ormsbee. Mrs. Ormsbee is knitting sweaters for the Red Cross, 1942
 East Montpelier, Vermont. The Charles Ormsbee family and 
his widowed mother, Mrs. Myrtle Ormsbee, at dinner, July 1942
 West Danville, Vermont. "What else will it be today, Mrs. Metcalf?"
asks Mrs. Hastings, who has clerked in the general store owned
by Mr. and Mrs. Hastings for twenty-nine years, July 1942
 West Danville, Vermont. A load of sawdust from the 
lumber mill. The wagon saves gas and rubber, July 1942
 West Danville, Vermont. Frank Goss, seventy-one year old farmer, in front of Gilbert S. Hastings's general store and post office reading his mail, July 1942
 West Danville, Vermont. Girls from Saint Johnsbury where they are spending a weekend on Joe's Pond, looking over fishing tackle in G. S. Hastings's general store, July 1942
West Danville, Vermont. Maynard Clark, fourteen, and Guy Davenport, eleven, reading the air raid instructions posted in Gilbert S. Hastings's post office and general store, July 1942

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