Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marion Post Wolcott

 "That's what you wanna see and that's what you will see and don't 
bring bashful with you 'cause he can't take it." An outdoor carnival comes 
once a year to the mining section. Granville, West Virginia, September 1938
 A portable cane mill. The owner gets every sixth gallon for making the sorghum syrup. This is on the property of a Negro owner, Wess Cris, a tobacco farm of about 165 acres in a prosperous Negro settlement near Carr, Orange County, North Carolina. They are straining it into a barrel, measured by a gallon can. September 1939
 Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia. Playing checkers outside 
a service station on a Saturday afternoon, June 1939
 Group of sixth and seventh grade boys constructing poultry yard fence. 
Brooder was built in their shop class at school. Flint River Farms, Georgia, May 1939
People at the Shelby County Horse Show and Fair 
eating a picnic lunch. Shelbyville, Kentucky, August 1940

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