Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Marion Post Wolcott - Kids

 Child of migratory packinghouse workers. Belle Glade, Florida, 1939
 Child of packinghouse workers from Tennessee getting water from filthy canal. Drinking water must be hauled from packinghouse. Belle Glade, Florida, January 1939
 Children of defense workers playing outside of their homes in Sunset Village. FSA (Farm Security Administration) housing project. Radford, Virginia, October 1941
 Eleven year old child from Indiana. Said "I'm tired and my back hurts, but my mother keeps yellin at me because I'm so slow. We come down here in October, mostly because my father used to be a barber but didn't have any work and I needed the sun because I was undernourished and had lung trouble. The doctor in school told them to take me away." Her mother yelled at her again "Hurry and stop pokin, you can pick faster than that. Your father says to get a move on." Homestead, Florida, January 1939
 Migrant packinghouse workers' living quarters- tin and burlap shack in swamp cane by canal. From Tennessee, two families, eight children. Belle Glade, Florida, September 1939
Mountain children on steps of school in Breathitt County, Kentucky, September 1940

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