Friday, February 27, 2015

Dorothea Lange

 Latter Day Saints portrait group. These people, man and wife, are both 
eighty-five years old. Converts to Mormonism from South Africa. 
She was the first schoolteacher in Escalante, April 1936
 Log house now occupied and enlarged by the Halley family. Mrs. Halley in doorway with youngest child. Bonner County, Idaho, October 1939
 Longshoremen's lunch hour. San Francisco waterfront. California, February 1937
 Lunchtime for young migrants at Shafter Camp, California. The nursery school for migrant children is conducted in camp under nursery school teachers trained by WPA (Work Projects Administration), and assigned to work in the camp under WPA project. February 1939
 Meeting of the Mothers' Club in Arvin camp for migrant workers, an FSA camp. The discussion this evening centers on the possibility of buying kerosene oil in large quantities and distributing it cooperatively in camp, to cut costs. Kerosene is used both for cooking and for lighting purposes. November 1939
 Migrant agricultural labor family. Tenant farmer with six children, refugees from Texas, near Wasco, California. "People just can't make it back there with drought, hailstorms, windstorms, duststorms, insects. They'll all be here in another year or two. People exist here and they can't do that there. You can make it here if you sleep late and eat little, but it's pretty tough--there's so many people." June 1938
Migrant agricultural workers' home. California, February 1937

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  1. I really like to check your posts and to see all those old pictures. Last time I started to read "The Grapes of Wrath" by Steinbeck and some of this post's pictures are like taken from the book. Well, I couldn't imagine how the Joad's car was looking like, but now I know this from the penultimate photo. Thank you! :)