Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Harris & Ewing - Kids

 "Our Gang" comedy stars call on President Coolidge, May 18, 1927
 Children crossing street, February-March 1935
 Despite a cold drizzle, nearly 1000 Washington youngsters romped over 
the south grounds of the White House today as the guests of President and 
Mrs. Hoover at the traditional Easter eggrolling. Washington playground 
teachers staged a number of games for the enjoyment of the children. March 28, 1932
 Navy children boxing, 1932-33
[this is wrong on so many levels]
 Safety first for this Miss, Washington, D.C. August 8. Equipped with 
bumpers fore and aft, 4-year-old Betty Buck is taking unnecessary 
chances as she tries her first pair of roller skates, August 8, 1936
Snow, children sledding, Washington, DC, 1915-23

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