Thursday, February 12, 2015


These photos of Egypt were taken in 1943 by George Frederick Kaye.

 A markoub load of onions, Egypt, 12 July 1943
 A street book stall in Cairo, 16 July 1943
 A young local woman sitting on a cart in Cairo, Egypt, 17 July 1943
 Archimedian screw in use for irrigation, Egypt, 12 July 1943
 Buyers carrying goods off boat on Nile, Egypt, 12 July 1943
 Donkey carts loaded with crates in Cairo, Egypt, 11 July 1943
Lemonade refreshments available from a tub during the swimming sports of the 19th NZ Armoured Regiment, held at the Alamein Baths in Cairo, Egypt, July 1943

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