Sunday, July 20, 2014

M. D. Elias

 A line of prisoners passing an armoured car after the Axis collapse in Tunisia, 20 May 1943
 Airplanes in formation fly past during parade of Allied forces in Tunis, Tunisia, 21 June 1943
 An American naval officer talking with General Dwight Eisenhower 
during a parade of Allied forces in Tunis, Tunisia, 21 June 1943
 Gunners relax playing cards in the shade of cactus trees in Tunisia, May 1943
 Indian troops digging gun pits during the landing exercises with NZ infantry troops, probably during 4 New Zealand Infantry Brigade combined exercises at Kabrit, Egypt, 5 September 1941
 New Zealand troops combine with the American Red Cross 
to distribute flour to the natives of Syria, 30 April 1942
 New Zealander identified as S Hunter meets an 
Arab soldier in Syria during World War II, 9 July 1942
 NZ soldiers in a bren carrier in Tunisia, 3 May 1943
 NZ soldiers on leave in Amman, Trans Jordan, looking at local merchandise, 16 April 1942
NZ soldiers trout fishing using rifles near the Syrian and Turkish border, 9 July 1942

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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