Thursday, July 3, 2014

M. D. Elias

Mr. Elias was another New Zealander photographing in the Mediterranean theater during World War II.

 A crowd of Syrian women and children during the distribution of flour organised by New Zealand troops in combination with the American Red Cross in Syria, 29 April 1942
 A line of New Zealand infantry troops awaiting the signal for advance, probably 4 NZ Infantry Brigade exercises at Kabrit, Egypt, 7 September 1941
 A section of Maori troops, forming part of the NZ representatives, swing past 
during the United Nations Day Parade in Cairo, Egypt, 18 June 1943
 Close up of NZ soldier broadcasting home from the Broadcasting Unit 
at Maadi Camp in Egypt, 1 May 1942
 Crew members of HMS Leander playing deck hockey 
while the ship is berthed in Alexandria, Egypt, 22 July 1941
 Crowded street scene in Tunis celebrating the Axis defeat 
in Tunisia, World War II, 20 May 1943
Members of the population of Tunis giving a demonstration of welcome 
to the 8th Army following the defeat of Axis troops during World War II, 23 May 1943
 Enthusiastic supporters at a race meeting held by 
36 NZ Survey Battery in Trans Jordania, 1 June 1942
 They're watching this:
 Start of race at the race meeting of 36 NZ Survey Battery 
in Trans Jordania, 1 June 1942
 Former New Zealand prisoners of war trying on German helmets at the NZ Base Camp after their return from imprisonment in Bardia, Libya, 16 December 1941
 General view of play during the NZEF versus the Rest of Egypt 
rugby football match at Alexandria, 21 February 1943
Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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