Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lafayette Studio

 Kawneer Company bowling team, 1949
 Kentucky Central Life & Accident Insurance Company, banquet, 1945
 Kentucky Coach Company, fair tents, 1929
 Kentucky Houses of Reform, group on stage in costume, 1943
[it took several viewings to notice the unusual twist in the crossed legs]
 Kentucky Theatre, "Hell's Angels," three men sitting outside theater with signs, 1930
 Kentucky Theatre, awning and promotional car 
decorated for "Fayssoux the Hypnotist", 1932
 Kentucky Theatre, indoor golf course to promote "Follow Thru", 1930
 Kentucky Theatre, ushers, 1931
 Kentucky Utilities Company, office workers, 1942
 Kentucky Utilities Company, woman demonstrating wringer-type washing machine, 1943
 Kroger, people shopping in store, 1947
Kroger, people shopping in store, 1947

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