Monday, July 7, 2014

John Dobree Pascoe

 A land girl in overalls standing by cows, Rotorua, 1943
 A member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force hosing down a tractor, 1943
 American tanks in a Liberty Loan procession down Lambton Quay, 1943
 Army members harvesting during World War II
 Bales of wool, from the Manuka Point sheep run, being transported 
by horse drawn cart, across the Rakaia River, ca. 1943
 Carol Sladden and June Matthews, of the Women's Land Service, 
helping farmer Bob McKenzie to saw manuka firewood, 30 September 1943
 Female trainee physical education instructors exercising 
during a fitness demonstration, Hutt Valley, Wellington, 25 March 1944
 Female trainee physical education instructors exercising, 
Hutt Valley, Wellington, March 1944
 Girls from Christchurch Girls High School running in Cranmer Square, Christchurch, 1945
 Japanese prisoners of war pass a cookhouse on their way to 
eat lunch at the market gardens near Featherston, 1943
 June Matthews, a land girl at Mangaorapa, holds a lamb for docking, 1943
Land girl, June Matthews, on horseback, and clouds in the sky behind her, at Robert McKenzie's sheep farm at Mangaorapa, Hawke's Bay, 1943

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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