Thursday, July 17, 2014

Harold Gear Paton

More photos of New Zealand troops in the Middle East during the recent unpleasantness (World War II).

 Game of soccer in progress in the Western Desert between a NZ Battery and an English Mediterranean Battery. The English won 4 - 0. November 1942
 Members of NZ Divisional Cavalry with children 
during a visit to villagers in the Syrian hills, 26 May 1942
 Members of the Maori Battalion in the last stages of 
their journey from Alamein, Egypt, to Tripoli, Libya, 8 February 1943
 Men of NZ Engineers who played important part in the NZ Division's move against Tripoli meet children of an Italian colonist at a village past Tahuna, Libya, January 1942
 New Zealand officer, identified as Lieutenant C Smith, doing 
his own washing on the Alamein front in Egypt, September 1942
 New Zealand trucks passing through Maadi, Egypt, during World War 2, 
at the end of the North African campaign, 10 June 1943

Courtesy Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand

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