Wednesday, March 19, 2014

University of Kentucky

 Alice, Mary, and Mary, ca. 1906
 Camp Robinson; Roger Barbour, left, assistant professor of zoology at UK, briefs a group of staff members and students before a field trip into the surrounding Robinson Forest territory
 Celebration dinner after UK victory over Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, New Year's Day, 1951
 Children's Ballet, 1949
 Delta Zeta Sorority members in car, 1955
["Girls just wanna have fun..."]
 Girl tilling up a garden
 Girls holding food baskets in front of school with their teacher, Mary Graves
 Julia Collier, Betty Orme Quisenberry, and Ann Wiley, 1955
 Lambda Chi Alpha push cart derby, 1956
Large group of women of varying ages wearing aprons 
and sitting together, possibly at a candy pull, ca. 1904

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  1. Re: Delta Zeta Sorority members in car, 1955. The car is a 1960 Pontiac.

    As always, you post great photos!