Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bohemian Grove

 Bar in tent, Bohemian Grove, 1878
 Camp tipi, Bohemian Grove
 Camp with men seated outside of tent, Bohemian Grove
 French horn quartet, Bohemian Grove
 Group portrait of men in camp with sign, "The star and garter," Bohemian Grove
 Group sitting on a bench, 1908
 Man in camp leaning against post, Bohemian Grove
 Man, identified as Vetter, sitting in folding chair by tent 
with sign above door "Salaam ie Hogir," Bohemian Grove
 Men swimming and on platform, Bohemian Grove, 1876
 Men toasting outside bar "Bar Harbor," Bohemian Grove
 Men watching man paint portrait, Bohemian Grove
Nighttime gathering around fire, 1909


  1. Who took these photos, especially the first one on the page, "Actors?" I swear I remember seeing a photo that Ansel Adams had taken at a meeting at Bohemian Grove and that he was a part of it.

    1. Interesting bit about Ansel Adams. I've been unable to find any information about who took the pictures.