Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dick Whittington

 Dedication of Olympic pool, Los Angeles, 1932
 Dinner dance at Bay Club, Southern California, 1931
Dorothy Day, publicity shot, 1929
Dorothy Day, publicity shot, 1929
 Drug store fountain, Southern California, 1927
[identified by DonY as Frankfurt Pharmacy, Rosemead, California]
 Earl Carroll players and radio at Music Box Theatre, Los Angeles, 1929
 Eastside Gardens, Los Angeles, 1934
 Echo Park children, Rose Bowl festival, Los Angeles, 1932
 Fair at Riverside, California, 1926
 Family group and 2 dogs, Los Angeles, 1933
Family group on doorstep, Southern California, 1932


  1. Photo labeled "Drug store fountain, Southern California, 1927" is inside of Frankfurt Pharmacy, Rosemead, California.