Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Georgetown College

Georgetown College is a small private religious college in Georgetown, Kentucky. These glimpses of life at GC are from Lafayette Studio.

 Georgetown College, women playing ping-pong, 1946
 Georgetown College, women playing ping-pong, 1948
 Georgetown College dorm room, 1946
 Georgetown College library,  students gathered around the periodicals section, 1948
 Georgetown College queens, 1944
 Georgetown College student group, 1944
 Georgetown College, Future Teachers of America, 1946
 Georgetown College, girl standing in room, 1948
 Georgetown College, girls standing in bedroom, 1948
 Georgetown College, group playing shuffleboard, 1948
 Georgetown College, Independent Women, 1946
 Georgetown College, three Asian women dressed in kimonos, 1949
 Georgetown College, woman bowling, 1946
 Georgetown College, women at Yeager Hall, 1948
Georgetown College, women in pajamas, Kappa Delta, 1948

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  1. referenced in http://mondovision.site11.com/1946.html