Saturday, March 15, 2014

African American Troops

Here are photos of African American soldiers in World War II. These come from here.

 A company of men has set up its office between the columns of an 
ancient Greek temple of Neptune, built about 700 BC. Italy, September 1943
 Body of American soldier is borne on stretcher from terrain in vicinity of Malmedy, Belgium, where on or about 17 December 1944, the Germans committed many atrocities
 Carrying a Japanese prisoner from stockade to be evacuated 
and treated for malnutrition. Iwo Jima. February 23, 1945
 Group of CBs acting as stretcher bearers for the 7th Marines. Peleliu. September 1944
 Marines, following the rapid Japanese retreat northward on Okinawa, 
pause for a moments rest at the base of a Japanese war memorial. April 1945
 Members of a Negro mortar company of the 92nd Division pass 
the ammunition and heave it over at the Germans near Massa, Italy, 1944
 Members of the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry, are getting last minute instructions 
before going out on patrol in Bougainville jungle. April 1944
 Members of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion take part in a parade ceremony 
in honor of Joan d'Arc at the marketplace where she was burned at the stake. May 27, 1945
 Moving up through Prato, Italy, April 1945
 Negro Marines, attached to the Third Ammunition Company, take time out 
from supplying ammunition to the front line on Saipan. June 1944
 Peleliu Island. Marines move through the trenches 
on the beach during the battle. September 15, 1944
 The first Negro WACs to arrive on the continent of Europe, 1945
This member of the 93rd Infantry Division is among the first Negro foot soldiers 
to go into action in the South Pacific theater, 1944

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