Saturday, September 14, 2013

Russell Lee

This is it for my Russell Lee collection! He has to rank as one of my favorites - he did so much good work.

 Wife of FSA client shelling peas on porch of old shack home, 
New Madrid County, Missouri, 1938
 Wife of FSA client, former sharecropper, washing on back porch of old home, 
Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938
 Winner of largest family contest, National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana, 1938

 Wives of FSA Negro clients listening to speech by 
visiting public health official, Southeast Missouri Farms, 1938
[they don't look like they're buying it]
 Woman and children headed home from picking cotton, Texas
 Women at 4-H Club fair, Cimarron, Kansas, 1939
 Women waiting for streetcar at terminal, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1939
[these midwestern ladies have a real "don't mess with me" vibe going, don't they?]
 Young Mexican boy cutting spinach, La Pryor, Texas. 
Child labor is an accepted condition in the spinach fields, 1939
Young people at the Imperial County Fair, California, 1942

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for your good work.

    Jamie S. Ross