Sunday, September 15, 2013

Harris & Ewing

 Gunston Hall group
 Gunston Hall. Preparatory Department
[Gunston Hall was a "finishing school" for well-bred (i.e., rich) young ladies]
 Liberty Loans. Liberty Bond sales car, John Stevenson 
as Uncle Sam and girl in star-spangled dress, 1918
 Martin H. Glynn, Governor of New York, 1914
 Miss M. Mawhimey
 Miss Virginia Chang, star of the Chinese Cultural Theater, yesterday changed her role 
to that of bride. She was married in the beautiful Gardens of Twin Oaks, 
the Chinese Embassy, to Kien-Wen Yu, second secretary of the embassy. May 1939
 National Beagle Club of America. Judging dogs, 1914
 National Citrus Week got off to a good start today when beauties from the citrus-growing states presented Vice President Garner with baskets of the luscious fruit. January 1939
 National Emergency War Gardens Committee. Farmerettes, 1919
National Guard of DC returning from camp at Colonial Beach, 1916

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