Wednesday, September 18, 2013

National Photo

 Herbert Hoover and presidential party standing, with men 
holding their hats, at opening baseball game. 1929
 Hope Hampton, 1922
 Marion Newton and Ruth Williams preparing to wade in Rock Creek, after suffering with 
the intense heat of the past two days, when the thermometer recorded 104 degrees
 Maryland State University coeds, 1923
 Military band members playing instruments, 1923
 Miss Blanche Lehman and Miss Tereta Sheaffer in dance number 
of the second edition of Uncle Sams Follies. 1920s
 Miss Dorothy Brautigam of National American Ballet, 1925
 Miss DuBois Ferguson, who has been judged physically perfect. 1920s
 Miss Mary C. Foley, Artist at Department of Agriculture, 1926
 Miss Mary Virginia Yellott and Miss Mary Carolyn Henry 
walking their ducks in Washington, DC
 Miss Riggs, 1923
Miss Vivian Marinelli giving Charleston dancing lessons to basketball players of the 
Palace Club, the Washington, D.C., entry in the American basketball league. 1926

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