Sunday, September 8, 2013

Charles Mace

These are photos of Japanese-Americans reintegrating into society after the wartime internment.

 Michiko Kataoka, a freshman, and Meriko Hoshiyama, a junior, both from Manzanar 
(left to right in picture), with fellow students at the entrance to the campus library 
at the University of California at Los Angeles. 1945
 Michiko Kataoka, a freshman, and Meriko Hoshiyama, a junior, both from Manzanar, 
with fellow students on the University of California campus at Los Angeles. 1945
Nisei students arriving on the campus at the 
University of California in Los Angeles. 1945
 Miss Irene Eiko Yonemura works in the Peoria, Illinois, public library, where 
she has found work much to her liking and her training. Miss Yonemura is from 
the Poston center and came to Peoria in the summer of 1943. 1944
 Miss Julie Sugimoto (l) and her sister June (r), work in the home of the Burchette family 
in Peoria, Illinois. June, plus her work at the home, is learning to be a photo retoucher. 1944
[photo retouching by hand? thank god for the photoshop era!!]
 Miss Susie Yuasa, 18, a former evacuee from the Jerome Relocation Center, 
now employed in a Chicago candy factory, turns from her task momentarily 
to display the familiar symbol of victory. 1943
 Mr. and Mrs. Toshio Kimura have reopened their large house in San Jose, and have as their 
guests two other families who are sharing the dwelling pending finding places of their own. 1945
 Naomi Asakura, age 4, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taki Asakura, 
who returned to Santa Barbara from Gila River on March 17, is seen 
enjoying the company of a puppy given to her by a neighbor. 1945

 No discrimination in this huddle. Akshi Alan Asakora plays football in the yard 
of the Lincoln School in Santa Barbara, where he has resumed studies since 
his family returned to their former home from the Gila River Center. 1945
 The honored American custom of raiding the icebox is especially pleasurable 
to the Yamadas after life in a relocation center. Peoria, Illinois, 1944
 The Oda sisters like to entertain their friends in their apartment in Rockford, Illinois. 1944
 The Taki Asakuras, who arrived in Santa Barbara from Gila River are seen escorting two 
veterans of the 100th Infantry Battalion on a tour of Santa Barbara's scenic spots. 1945
When the Nisei get together for social entertainment in Chicago, their Caucasian friends also participate in the general fun. At the mike is a popular Chicago night club singer who has just presented one of her specialties. 1944

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