Friday, September 6, 2013

John Collier

 Natani family, near Ganado, Arizona 1948
 Navajo family, Arizona, 1948
 Navajo girl handspinning, near Ganado, Arizona, 1948
 Navajo girls learn first to weave by observation. Near Navajo Mountain, Utah, 1948
 Navajo man plowing land near White House Ruins. 
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, 1948
 Navajo Mountain School, Arizona, 1948
 On the Frances and Marion, a Portuguese trawler. Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1942
 Picking berries on the Gagnon family farm, Fort Kent, Aroostook County, Maine 1942
 Polish immigrant husking corn, near Greenfield, Connecticut, 1941
 Portuguese dory fisherman and his grandaughter, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1942
Portuguese dory fishermen gossiping in the sun, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 1942

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