Monday, November 12, 2012

Russell Lee

 A group of flood refugees on the streets of McLeansboro, Illinois, 1937

 Cajun girl at National Rice Festival, Crowley, Louisiana, 1938

 Construction workers, Shasta Dam, Shasta County, California, 1940

 Cotton pickers resting while waiting to be paid. 
Lake Dick Project, Arkansas, 1938

 Couple playing slot machine, Raceland, Louisiana, 1938

 Crowds lined the streets and stood on top of covered sidewalks 
to see the dances at the fiesta, Taos, New Mexico, 1940

Cut-over farmer and daughter, near Northome, Minnesota, 1937
 Daughter of sharecropper pumping water, New Madrid County, Missouri, 1938

 Determining temperature of earthen oven in which bread will be baked by seeing how fast straw will be burned, Taos County, New Mexico, 1939

Drinking at the bar, crab boil night, Raceland, Louisiana, 1938

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