Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hikaru Iwasaki - Japanese Internment

Hikaru Iwasaki was the only Japanese-American to work as a photographer for the WRA.

 A hotly contested interscholastic basketball game between Heart Mountain and Powell High School girl teams took place at Heart Mountain Relocation Center, 1944

  A typical Nisei family of Heart Mountain Relocation Center 
are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Oki and their small daughter, Dinne. 1944

 Albert Sumio Tanouye, one of the Heart Mountain selectees, 
reporting to Heart Mountain Selective Service clerk Helen Morioka. 1944

 Children under 18 months, accompanied by their mothers, were provided pullman accommodations for travel to other centers. Here the mother of a small child is seen waving goodbye to her friends. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

 Dancing is one of the chief forms of recreation at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, 1943

 Football fans of Heart Mountain braved sub-zero weather to watch a hotly contested game between two of the favorite teams, the All Stars and Jack Rabbits. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943

 It's refreshment time at the Heart Mountain U.S.O., as hostesses Himo Okubo, Kay Kushino and Mitsuko Tamari serve Tom Yoshikai and Joe Hamashita, draftees. 1944

 Joan Ritchie, left, and Janet Sakamoto, students at the Heart Mountain High School, learn to make patches in school sewing class. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943

 Koso Fukuda of the Evacuee Property Office is helping Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yoshio Kodama with transportation of property and freight, prior to their leaving the center for outside employment. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1944

Laverne Kurahara and Tubbie Kunimatsu demonstrate some intricate jitterbug steps during a school dance held in the high school gymnasium. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943
[This one has some weird photographic artifacts: the couple dancing in the foreground looks translucent. Is the whole scene photographed in a mirror? Any ideas?]


  1. Laverne Kurahara and Tubbie Kunimatsu...

    I believe it's a double exposure

    1. I suppose that's possible...if so, it's very artistically done!