Monday, November 19, 2012

Francis Stewart - Japanese internment

 A pupil of the third grade is taught to read and enjoy children's books, like any other young American boy. Manzanar, California, 1943

 A young evacuee of Japanese ancestry entertains on an accordion at a dance given by the Girls' Recreation Committee for fellow evacuees. Manzanar, California, 1943

 Arriving by train at Lone Pine from Elk Grove, California. Newcomers are transported 
by bus from Lone Pine to Manzanar. 1942

 Basketball games are part of the regular scheduled recreational events, which help to fill out the lives of residents in relocation centers. Manzanar, California, 1943

 Dancing class in a girls' recreation hall at Manzanar. 1942

 Esther Naito, office worker from Los Angeles, is shown operating an electric iron 
in her quarters at Manzanar. 1942

 Evacuee farmers are here harvesting Daikon, a large radish like vegetable which is a great delicacy among the Japanese people. Rivers, Arizona, 1942

 Evacuee participants who marched in the Harvest Festival Parade held at this center 
on Thanksgiving day, Rivers, Arizona, 1942

 Evacuees of Japanese ancestry dance the Virginia Reel at a barn dance given by Block 12. 
No music was available so dancers sang pop goes the Weasel 
and clapped hands in time with the dance, Poston, Arizona, 1942

 Evacuees of Japanese ancestry watching Memorial Day services. Manzanar, California, 1942

 Evacuees of Japanese descent watching an outdoor musical performance 
at the War Relocation Authority center, Poston, Arizona, 1942

Florence Yamaguchi (left), and Kinu Hirashima, both from Los Angeles, 
are pictured under an apple tree at Manzanar. 1942

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