Friday, November 16, 2012

Harris & Ewing

 Radium Dance Group

 Return of U.S. Army soldiers, Washington DC, 1919

 Reunion of Gettysburg veterans, 1913

 Reverend James Shera Montgomery, House Chaplain, with WCTU group, 1917
[WCTU = Women's Christian Temperance Union, one of the forces behind Prohibition]
 Russell O.McGee instrumental group

 Sousa's band playing for 4th Liberty Loan drive, 1918
 The National Quartette
[Quartette...that's what the caption says, even though there are 5 people present!]
 Virginia P.I. dance at gym
[I'm guessing "Virginia P.I." is what we now call Virginia Tech]

Women at horse show, 1916

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