Friday, November 9, 2012

Lewis Hine - Mill Workers

 Girls working in Springstein Mills, Chester, South Carolina. Zetella Gallman (by window) has worked 2 years. Both girls in middle said they had been in mill 8 years, 1908

 Group of card-room hands in Richmond Spinning Mills. Smallest girl in the middle is a doffer. Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1910

 Group of girls and women working in Aragon Mill, Rock Hill, South Carolina, 1912

 Group of workers going to work at 6;45 A.M. In Spring Village Mill, 
Winchendon, Massachusetts, 1911

 Lizzie Davis, smallest, been in mill 2 years. Nettie Arnet, been in mill 8 years. 
Monnie McCraney, been in mill 3 years. Vater Arnet, been in mill 8 years. 
Mattie Connor, spinners and Winders. Dillon, SC, 1908

 Noon hour. All are working here. Newberry, South Carolina, 1908

 Operatives in Indianapolis Cotton Mill, noon hour, 1908

 Some of doffers and the Superintendent, Catawba Cotton Mill, Newton, NC. Ten small boys and girls about this size out of a force of 40 employees, 1908

 Some of the girls working at the Priscilla Knitting Mills, Meridian, Mississippi, 1911

Some of the spinners in Pell City Cotton Mills. Pell City, Alabama, 1910

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  1. Sorry that you did not have the opportunities children today have.