Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Japanese Internment - Tom Parker

 A bashful little girl is tickled at posing for her picture in a nursery school 
at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, 1943

 A choral group of 200 volunteer voices practicing for a Christmas Carol and program. 
Amache, Colorado, 1942

 A cold December afternoon doesn't dampen the spirits of these primary school girls as they compete in a racing game with the primary boys. Amache, Colorado, 1942

 A corner of the grade school library in one of the barracks. Amache, Colorado, 1942

 A demonstration of the theatrical folk lore of old Japan, as presented by players at this relocation center. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1942

 A group of actors in a scene from a play depicting a legendary incident of old Japan. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1942

 A group of Japanese-Americans listen to an explanation of the army questionnaires which give young men between the ages of 18 and 38 an opportunity to join the Army of the United States. Amache, Colorado, 1943

 A group of centerites gather around two of the center's expert Go players. The game, popularly conceived as a game of military strategy, it is more nearly a battle of keen wits. Heart Mountain, Wyoming, 1943

 A nursery school group at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, 1943

 A pre-school class in the Jerome Center grade school. Teachers are Marie Izume, Nelli Nishimura and Emiko Shinagawa. Denson, Arkansas, 1943

 A self organized string quartet, or more accurately, a harikuri band, 
in a practice session at the Jerome Center. Denson, Arkansas, 1943
[I've tried unsuccessfully to find out what a "harikuri band" is. Can anyone help?]

A silk screen booth produces clever souvenirs, string tags of Little Nebo center newspaper cartoon character. Amache, Colorado, 1943

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