Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FSA color photos

Here are some more of the color photos from the 1940s. Corrected and uncorrected images are shown.

 Marion Post Wolcott: A store with live fish for sale, vicinity of Natchitoches, Louisiana, 1940

 Marion Post Wolcott: Bayou Bourbeau plantation, a FSA cooperative, 
Natchitoches, Louisiana. A Negro family seated on the porch of a house, 1940

 Marion Post Wolcott: Cutting Burley tobacco and putting it on sticks to wilt before taking it into the curing and drying barn on the Russell Spears' farm, vicinity of Lexington, Kentucky, 1940

 Marion Post Wolcott: Day laborers picking cotton near Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta, 1940

 Marion Post Wolcott: Migratory laborers outside of a "juke joint" during a slack season, 
Belle Glade, Florida, 1941

 Marion Post Wolcott: Natchez, Mississippi, 1940

Two little girls in a park near Union Station, Washington, DC, 1943
[photographer unknown]

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